Time zone scheduling made simple

The most advanced app for cross time-zone scheduling meetings and appointments.

Calculate meeting times, share and even setup up HD video conferences in a single tap.

Share instantly

Instant Zoom.US meeting links

The easiest possible way to set up HD video calls with participants across the world in just one click. Generate a unique meeting link and share it across the world. 

Share everywhere

Instantly share meeting times via Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Slack and any other app on your phone or tablet.


Copy and paste

Copy meeting times to clipboard to paste anywhere you want. So simple and so fast.

Email it

Email meeting details in a jiffy to any recipients of your choice straight from your native mail app.

Organize HD Video Calls

We have teamed with Zoom.us to provide you with instant HD video calls across all devices.

Generate a meeting link in one tap and share it amongst participants across the globe through email and calendar invite. It’s the fastest and simplest way to setup up your video conference meetings ever!


Launch meetings instantly

Get notified of upcoming meetings and launch directly from the app

Chronos sends you a reminder for upcoming meetings and provides a dashboard for all scheduled video conferences.

Launch your meeting directly from the app and enjoy HD video conferencing provided by Zoom.us.


No more missed conference calls


Get reminders and calendar notifications when you have an appointment or conference call coming up.

Never miss a meeting again!

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Is there really any better way to organize your global meetings?

Now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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